Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Pantsuit Fourth in Iowa Poll

Whatever makes her miserable for Christmas is fine with me.
Democratic 2008 front-runner Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has a lot of ground to make up in crucial Iowa, with a new poll showing her in fourth place behind Sen. Barack Obama, John Edwards and the state's governor.

And Sen. John McCain leads Rudy Giuliani by one percentage point among Republican caucus voters, the poll showed.

The general election matchup numbers are also stark for New York's Clinton in the first-in-the-nation 2008 caucus state, since they show her losing to top-tier Republicans McCain and Giuliani.

Edwards, the former North Carolina senator who came in second in the 2004 Iowa caucuses, is tied in first place with rising star Obama, with both snaring 22 percent among Democrats, shows the poll conducted by Iowa-based Research 2000 for KCCI-TV.

Coming in third is Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack, with 12 percent, followed by Clinton, who took just 10 percent of the caucus vote, according to the poll. Former Vice President Al Gore got 7 percent, with everyone else trailing in single digits and 11 percent undecided.
Despite all the bouquets she and Obama are throwing around, you know she can't stand the guy. What must make her even crazier is the realization that had she just moved back to her home state of Illinois rather than plopping herself down in New York, Obama would still likely be a state Senator.

As for Edwards, this says it all.

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