Friday, December 22, 2006

Miss Nevada Gets the Ax

As we noted Wednesday, Miss Nevada Katie Rees apparently was quite the wild child, and photos of her kissing other girls (and doing some other, um, stuff) were circulating.

Well, she got the ax.
Red-faced beauty pageant bosses yesterday stripped Miss Nevada Katie Rees of her tiara after naughty photos surfaced on the Internet showing the toothsome 22-year-old stripping off something else altogether.

"I saw some horrendous pictures," said pageant honcho Donald Trump. "I'm not shy when it comes to pictures, and these pictures were far beyond the scope of what she should be doing - there was no question.

"What she did was very serious, wrong," said Trump, who concurred with Miss Universe Organization officials in their decision to bounce Rees.

The photos of Rees, which she claims were taken when she was 17, show her flashing her breasts, French-kissing other women and simulating oral sex on girls and boys.

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