Thursday, December 28, 2006

Cowardly Islamists Cut and Run in Somalia

Maybe we can take a lesson from the Ethiopians. Be ruthless, brutal and spare no mercy to the enemies of mankind. These Islamists talk a tough game and have no compunction about slaughtering innocent people. But when you stand up to them and smack them in the face, they run like the cowards they are.
Somali and Ethiopian troops drove Islamic fighters out of the last major town before Mogadishu yesterday, and the government predicted that the capital and stronghold of the radical Islamists would fall without a fight.

Government spokesman Abdirahman Dinari said no assault was planned on Mogadishu because the forces of the Council of Islamic Courts were crumbling so fast.

"Islamic Courts militias are already on the run, and we hope that Mogadishu will fall to our hands without firing a shot," he said.

As government forces advanced to within striking distance of this beleaguered city, clan leaders considered abandoning Islamic militias who control the Somali capital and throwing their support to the United Nations-backed regime, based in Baidoa.

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