Sunday, December 17, 2006

Lerch Visits Iraq

The pathetic John Kerry is on his Mideast Magical Mystery Tour. Jules Crittenden skewers the pompous blowhard.
Jon Carry, in Iraq to make good with the Stuck, is headed to Syria to conduct some freelance foreign policy with an enemy of the United States, against the wishes of the administration which, headsup, like it or not, won the election.
The AP reports that Kerry's meeting with troops in Iraq "was very informative and very helpful in crystallizing some of my thoughts insofar as what we can negotiate ... and what needs to be accomplished. I certainly learned more about what the troops can or can't achieve," he said.

... Kerry declined to elaborate on how the visit affected his views on Iraq because his meetings continue Sunday. He is scheduled to meet with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki for a firsthand assessment on "what's possible in the political dynamics."

Kerry, a critic of Bush administration policies in Iraq, said the most important challenge now was to achieve "whatever success is possible."

Sounds a lot like Kerry, perhaps having learned a thing or two in the autumn of a political career that looked promising before it didn't, is trying not to commit himself before he does. By which I mean, stay with me here, because the logic is a tad pretzelian, Kerry reserves the right to be for success while being against it. Or against success while being for it. Sorry, I'm lost.

Next up for this doofus is a trip over to Syria. Perhaps there'll be some nuanced dialogue. LGF also has Flipper's Freelance Diplomatic Tour .

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