Sunday, December 24, 2006

Dear Santa: Can Fidel Drop Dead?

This is weird. All these years the left has espoused the joys of Cuba's free healthcare and how wonderful it was they didn't have to haggle with HMO's. So why is it the devil Fidel Castro needs to have a Spanish surgeon flown in to his island prison?
A renowned Spanish surgeon has been rushed to Cuba to treat ailing leader Fidel Castro, a Spanish newspaper reported on Sunday.

Jose Luis Garcia Sabrido, an intestinal specialist, traveled to the Caribbean island on Thursday aboard an aircraft chartered by the Cuban government, according to Spain's left-leaning El Periodico de Catalunya newspaper.

The plane carried medical equipment not available in Cuba in case the leader needs further surgery due to his progressively failing health, the newspaper reported.

But didn't pockmarked despot Hugo Chavez tell us he's not sick? What's going on? Do leftists actually lie to us? Perish the thought.
Cuban officials say Castro is not dying and will return to public life. His absence from the public eye has fanned speculation he is too ill to govern the country he has run since toppling dictator Fulgencio Batista in a 1959 revolution.

Oh, what a joyous Christmas this could be for so many millions who suffered under this animal. To see this despicable maggot go to Hell just as the world celebrates Christmas would truly be a gift for the ages.

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