Friday, November 23, 2007

Ambulance Chaser Promises to Feed the Hungry

If you had any doubt about John Edwards being a socialist to the core, that doubt has been removed.

Edwards' plan to feed hungry: 'We have a moral responsibility as a country'
In a phone call with reporters, the former North Carolina senator said 35.5 million Americans went hungry last year, including 13 million children. "We have a moral responsibility as a country," to make sure no one goes hungry in America.

He offered six ideas to help combat hunger:

• • Implement the Farm Bill -- which Republicans filibustered -- because it contains a food stamp program and emergency help for food banks.

• • Enroll more families in the food stamp program and expand eligibility.

• • Fund programs to feed low-income kids at school.

• • Strengthen food programs for seniors, such as Meals-on-Wheels.

• • Provide low- or no interest loans to weatherize homes and provide help paying for high heating bills.

• • Lure supermarkets into neighborhoods that don't have them.
Translation - income redistribution on a scale Joe Stalin only dreamed of doing.

This of course would create a whole lot more poor and hungry as a result. Don't believe me? Go look at Zimbabwe and see how the socialist/communist dream of income redistribution is working out over there right about now. At last look Zimbabwe had an annual inflation rate of approximately 8,000% and rising and they were eating their pets for dinner.

Hey Edwards, I have some suggestions for you.

1. Get out your own check book and get your hands off of mine.

2. Go put the arm on some of your fat cat friends for a contribution.

3. Get your hands off of the economy, too.

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