Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Jihadi Training in the UK

Wannabe jihadis frolic in the snow in the UK. Nice to see the local youth able to save on travel expenses and get the homegrown training.

Disturbing video shows Muslim extremists training at al Qaeda camp in the Lake District
Disturbing video footage shows a gang of radical young Muslims taking part in an arduous "al Qaeda training camp" in the Lake District in preparation for the jihad.

A Muslim extremist took part in the campaign to recruit and train "jihadists" after flying to Britain posing as a student.

Pakistani-born Abdul Rahman (Photo), 25, arrived in the UK on a student visa but spent just one day at university before dropping out.

Rahman then joined up with a gang of radical young Muslims who aimed to scout, recruit and encourage others to take up arms in a holy war.

The university dropout was facing up to six years in jail after he admitted helping a terrorist suspect flee the country.

Rahman admitted handing the suspect, who was subject to a Government control order, £500 in cash to help him buy plane tickets to escape the UK.

The court heard that after the suspect escaped the UK police targeted Rahman and carried out a raid on his house.

In the house they discovered video footage of the former student taking part in a training camp in the Lake District.

During the exercise one of the men is referred to as a suicide bomber whilst two others are seen crawling, commando-style, through the snow and undergrowth near Langdale, Cumbria praising Allah and the Chechen Mujahideen.

Police also found propaganda in the house including a document refering to terrorist finishing schools called: "How Can I Train Myself for Jihad?"
The four videos are at the above link. These guys look pathetically amateurish, yet they seemingly have evil on their minds. The first clip shows them crawling in the snow, babbling about Allah, the second is a bizarre exercise featuring plenty of giggling, the third repeats the first video (hello!), while the fourth has them singing some song about martyrdom.

The videos don't seem to match the urgent nature of the story, though some may be able to identify further what's going on.
Detective Chief Superintendent Tony Porter, head of the Greater Manchester Police Counter Terrorism Unit, said: "This man provided support to people determined to carry out terrorist acts. He was at the centre of a network that sent items including combat knives, survival equipment, radios, torches and mobile phones to Pakistan for use in terrorism. He was clearly intent on drawing others into his network."

Rahman will be sentenced tomorrow.

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