Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Despite Failing Schools, NYC Councilman Wants Less Homework

The worlds's most useless legislative body strikes again.

Council Member Calls for Limits On Homework
Amid growing calls for higher education standards, a City Council member is urging the Department of Education to limit the amount of homework teachers assign students each night.

Peter Vallone Jr., who represents parts of Queens, said his two daughters are routinely swamped with homework and stuck at home, slogging through it.

"As a parent, I have been unable to have fun with my kids. We can't go for bike rides. We can't go to the park. We can't go to the museum, and that's not fair," he said.

Mr. Vallone said he understands that the Department of Education is aiming to improve test scores, but he said an emphasis on homework is taking away students' childhoods and contributing to child obesity by forcing children to stay at home with their books.

He plans to introduce a resolution next month calling for homework in public schools to be limited to 2 1/2 hours a night and said he wants the Department of Education to create a weekly homework-free night.
Waaah, it's not fair!

Maybe if this idiot spent less time offering ridiculous legislation, he'd have more time to spend with his kids. And what about students who want to get ahead by studying more? Will he mandate they limit their time spent hitting the books so his kids don't suffer from a lack of self-esteem?

Then again, maybe it's a clever scheme to keep kids stupid so they keep voting for Democrats.

As we noted, hundreds of schools are failing, yet this nitwit wants less homework.
The Department of Education's plan for reducing class size doesn't go far enough to address overcrowding at 408 failing schools, advocates charged yesterday.

While the city agreed last week to direct $153 million in new state funds toward reducing class size citywide this year, its plan targeted fewer than 150 schools for more substantial interventions.
Even the New York Times recently reported there is little progress for New York City schools.
New York City’s eighth graders have made no significant progress in reading and math since Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg took control of the city schools, according to federal test scores released yesterday, in contrast with the largely steady gains that have been recorded on state tests.
Here's a suggestion for Vallone. Why doesn't he retire and home-school his children? Then he can spend as much time as he'd like with them and give them less homework than they're currently suffering with?

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