Monday, November 26, 2007


Undercover police will mingle with students at Oxford University tonight after historian David Irving and the British National Party leader Nick Griffin were invited to take part in a debate there. Up to a thousand protesters are expected to gather when BNP leader Nick Griffin speaks alongside Irving, who was once jailed for denying the Holocaust, at the Oxford Union debating chamber. A possible riot is being speculated upon by the chattering classes!

Now I have several points to make;

1. Remember all those protesters in London who wore the "We are Hizbollah" t-shirts and waved such placards last summer when Israel defended itself against those Lebanese-based terrorists? Are these the same people who may go ape crazy when Griffin and Irving appear tonight? If so, isn't this a tad hypocritical? What is the difference between a Holocaust denier and those who demand Israel refrains from defending itself from the savages in Hezbollah?

2. As for Griffin, I'm not sure why he is sharing a stage with such a loathsome creature as Irving but I see little difference between Griffin and those such as George Galloway, the darling of the UK media for his anti-Western views. Why is there no outcry every time Galloway appears anywhere? Griffin is portrayed as the anti-Christ and the BNP as hellspawn. But the like of Galloway's Respect party, and groups such as the Muslim Council of Britain are somehow lauded for their views which seems a double standard to me!

3. Do you think that this debate should actually go ahead? I happen to think that there are many more interesting people the Oxford Union could have chosen to debate but I also believe that once invited, these two have the perfect right to attend and to be heard. Free speech must prevail.

I believe the UK MSM is furious that a party such as the BNP even exists - a party which by definition aligns itself with the national interest, as opposed to the EU interest. Since the media is full of left-wing self loathers, who worship at the shrine of the European Union, they instinctively lash out at Griffin and his BNP, and indirectly make them even more attractive to those British who wonder who will protect our ancient liberties.

A group of protesters broke through the security cordon and forced their way into the Oxford Union where BNP leader Nick Griffin and controversial historian David Irving were due to speak tonight.

The debate has now been postponed.

After pushing and shoving their way through the doors into the hall they staged a sit down protest at the debating table.

Scuffles erupted as the protesters tried to get into the building which had been surrounded by tight security ahead of tonight's event.

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