Friday, November 30, 2007

I am getting exicited about Fred now

This is a good commercial from the Fred camp, now he needs to follow it up with more appearances and keep driving those points home. The other candidates have been getting eliminated from my Christmas list one by one based on their actions.

Huckabee - Too slick and conjuring up images of Clinton. His record on taxes and support for tuition for illegal aliens while governor turned me off.

Guilani - Too much gun control, too much mayor of NYC and not enough of what are you going to do for the country. Saying you did something while mayor does not mean you will do it as president, but if I look at everything you did as mayor then I have to cross him off.

Romney - I can't get past his mandatory health insurance plan he forced upon the residents of MA and now with Fred pointing out his obvious pandering to the Pro Life/Pro Choice crowd depending on the circumstances got him crossed off
None of the others ever really made it onto my radar screen with the exception of Duncan Hunter, whom I still know little about other then Ann Coulter likes him.


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