Wednesday, November 21, 2007

NFL Week 12: Thanksgiving Day

As bad as things have gone with our 2007 NFL picks, we'll wait a couple of days to tackle all the Week 12 games and just cover the Thanksgiving action. Come back for more laughs over the weekend.

Packers -3 LIONS: Detroit has racked up seven yards rushing the past two games and Kitna has taken some abuse in consecutive losses. Packers on a major roll and will not let down heading toward showdown with Cowboys next Thursday. Packers 30-17

COWBOYS 14 Jets: Dallas also has no reason to let up and Romo to T.O has been lethal past four games. Jets laid it all out in upset of Steelers, Lavernues Coles won't play, and, well, they're 2-8 for a reason. Cowboys 34-13

Colts -11.5 FALCONS: Yes, there's a night game. And this is a turkey. Plus, most of you probably don't have NFL Network. Watch the USC-Arizona State game instead, anyway (Bonus selection: USC -3, 30-24). Colts 31-10

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