Sunday, November 25, 2007

Giuliani Defends Patriot Act, Dogged by Paul Kooks

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Attempts to cut back on government surveillance and "aggressive questioning" of suspected terrorists are irresponsible and undercut the country's war on terrorism, Republican Rudy Giuliani said this weekend.

"Talking about cutting back on the Patriot Act, talking about cutting back on electronic surveillance, talking about cutting back on aggressive questioning -- not torture, but aggressive questioning -- wanting to remove our soldiers from Iraq in a way that would require them to give the enemy a time table of their retreat," Giuliani said. "I don't know that I've ever seen anything more irresponsible than that."

The remarks came late in a Saturday of campaigning in the state of New Hampshire, the first of a two-day tour through the early primary state. Shortly after that address, Giuliani headed out for the Holiday Stroll in downtown Nashua, where supporters of GOP candidate Ron Paul accompanied him for most of his visit.

As Giuliani walked down Main Street shaking hands and wandering in and out of shops, the Paul supporters encircled his entourage and waved their candidate's signs as they walked.
These people are a true nuisance who have a deep pride in their astounding ignorance. I see they're still busy stuffing online polls. Just pathetic.

Giuliani also pointed out the ignorance of Democrats.
As he made his way around the state on Saturday, Giuliani's rhetoric on the point of terrorism grew stronger. In the morning, at a stop in Laconia, Giuliani complained that Democrats' failure to use the phrase "Islamic terrorist" exposed a failure to fully comprehend the threat.

By the end of the day, he was telling an audience in Nashua that the mere use of the phrase was a powerful weapon against "tyrants, bullies and terrorists."

"They won't even say the word 'Islamic terrorist,'" Giuliani said of the Democratic candidates. "Tell me who you're going to insult when you say 'Islamic terrorist.' You're going to insult Islamic terrorists.

"You're also going to say to them, 'We understand who you are, and we're going to stand up to you . . . We're not going to beg you to negotiate with us. That's the beginning of making yourself safe against tyrants, bullies and terrorists. Standing up to them."

Some people object to use of the phrase "Islamic terrorism," arguing that it emphasizes the terrorists' religion instead of their cruelty and violence as the reason for objection.
Some people are really naive.

Meanwhile, Giuliani and an actual GOP contender, Mitt Romney, took off the gloves Saturday.
Rudy Giuliani attacked Republican rival Mitt Romney as weak on crime Saturday as both tried to rally support for the state's first-in-the-nation presidential primary on Jan. 8.

Giuliani was among those who questioned the former Massachusetts governor about his appointment of a judge who released a convicted killer. The ex-con was arrested Monday in a double-murder case.

Romney has called on the jurist he appointed last year, Superior Court Judge Kathe Tuttman, to resign, saying she showed an "inexplicable lack of good judgment" in freeing Daniel Tavares Jr., who is now accused of slaying a newlywed couple in Washington State.
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