Thursday, November 22, 2007

Our 'Friends' the Saudis Supplying Terrorists in Iraq

Nice to see our supposed allies helping the effort in Iraq.
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - About 60 percent of the foreign militants fighting in Iraq have come from U.S. allies Saudi Arabia and Libya, unidentified U.S. military officials said in a newspaper report on Thursday.

The New York Times said the information was found in documents uncovered in a U.S. military raid on an insurgents' camp near Sinjar, in northwest Iraq near the Syrian border, in September.

Material seized at the camp, believed to be used by a cell responsible for smuggling the majority of foreign fighters into Iraq, showed the home towns of more than 700 foreign militants who entered Iraq since August 2006, the newspaper said.

A total of 305 of the foreign fighters listed in the documents, or 41 percent, were from Saudi Arabia. Another 137, or 18 percent, were Libyan. Yemenis were the third largest group, the newspaper said.

Officials also concluded that the number of foreign militants entering Iraq had dropped sharply in 2007, the report said, falling from 80 to 110 per month in the first half of the year to around 40 in October.
I wouldn't exactly call Libya our ally, and I sure as hell don't consider the oil ticks to be too friendly, either

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