Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Paranoid Thug Chavez: CNN Instigating My Murder

The walls are closing in on the jug-eared freak.

It's a sure sign of mental illness when he thinks CNN is biased against him.
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said on Wednesday CNN may have been instigating his murder when the U.S. TV network showed a photograph of him with a label underneath that read "Who killed him?"

The caption appeared to be a production mistake -- confusing a Chavez news item with one on the death of a football star. The anchor said "take the image down" when he realized.

But Chavez called for a probe in an interview on state television, where he repeatedly reviewed a tape of the broadcast, questioning why the unconnected photograph and wording were left on screen for several seconds.

"I want the state prosecutor to look into bringing a suit against CNN for instigating murder in Venezuela," he said. "... undoubtedly it is part of the psychological warfare."

The anti-U.S. president often denounces plots to kill him without providing much detailed evidence. On Tuesday, he said a sniper trained his gun on him at a political rally this month.

Chavez has singled out CNN for biased reporting in what he says is a U.S.-sponsored campaign in the foreign media to destabilize Venezuela. CNN says its coverage is objective.
He's beginning to sound like the nutroots weirdos who complain about a conservative bias in the U.S. media.

Meanwhile, 3 wood noted this item on the tensions between Columbia and this crackpot are escalating.
Mr Uribe responded promptly by accusing Mr Chavez of not being interested in promoting peace in Colombia and insisting Venezuela had expansionist plans that he would resist.
UPDATE: Michelle Malkin links and has more on Hugo's nervous breakdown. Noel Sheppard at NewsBusters and Bryan at Hot Air also link. Thanks!

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