Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fatcat Democrat Jailed in Oil-for-Food Scandal

You probably haven't heard much about Oscar Wyatt, a man whose hands are drenched with blood.

Probably because he's a lifelong Democrat and a big bucks contributor to the party.

Sure, he gave some money to Republicans, but it's dwarfed by what the Dems got.

Naturally, his affiliation is omitted from this story.
American oil tycoon Oscar Wyatt has been sentenced to one year and a day in prison for conspiracy in the UN oil-for-food programme scandal.

The Texas oilman, aged 83, had agreed last month to plead guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

He admitted he agreed to pay $200,000 (£97,000) into an Iraqi bank account.

Under the oil-for-food programme, some companies paid bribes to officials in Saddam Hussein's Iraq in order to secure contracts to buy oil.

The programme was established in the wake of sanctions imposed on Iraq after the country invaded Kuwait in 1990.

It allowed Iraq to sell oil in order to buy humanitarian provisions.

A UN-commissioned inquiry found that 2,200 companies in 66 countries paid $1.8bn in bribes to Iraqi officials to win oil contracts.
No mention of his largesse to Democrats here either. Or here.
Nothing here, here, here, or here.

You think if this Texas oilman were a fatcat Republican, it would merit a mention?

You know the answer.

Here's a list of who he's contributed to.

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