Monday, November 26, 2007

Chavez in Rift With Colombia

The gift that keeps on giving, Hugo Chavez, is now freaking out on the President of Colombia.

Chavez freezes ties with Colombia
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez says he has frozen his country's bilateral ties with neighbouring Colombia.

The move follows the decision by Colombian President Alvaro Uribe to end Mr Chavez's role as a hostage negotiator with Colombia's Farc rebels.

Mr Chavez said that the decision to end his mediation role was "a spit in the face" and denounced Mr Uribe as a liar."
This comes shortly after the King of Spain gave Chavez a public smackdown.
In announcing the "freeze" in relations with Colombia, Mr Chavez compared the situation to his recent diplomatic row with Spain, which was triggered when the Spanish King, Juan Carlos, told him to "shut up" at a summit meeting in Chile.

"It's like the case of Spain: until the king of Spain apologises, I'm freezing relations with Spain," he said.
Notice a pattern here? People around the world are figuring out that Chavez is a career squirrel.

I'm sure somehow Chavez will blame the U.S. for this.

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