Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Is it inevitable that a liberal will win the White House?

Well I wrote some last week about some concerns I had about the former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee in regards to his policies on taxes and now there is more coming out bout his soft immigration stance while governor as well as other issues with ethics he had while governor. Mike this is what happens when you rise in the polls. It has been easy to beat up on Giulani and Romney since they have been the favored candidates but let's see how Mr Huckabee stands up to the scrutiny.

At one time I liked the guy even though he was from Arkansas and we all know what happened the last time we elected a former governor of Arkansas as president. It is the gift that keeps on giving. Of course being from Georgia I can't say a whole lot about former governors who make it to the White House since the stain of Jimmy Carter just won't go away either.

I am stuck in the unenviable position of having to watch the CNN/YouTube debate tonight, but I am looking for one thing. I want to see some fire come out of Fred Thompson. If he doesn't excite folks tonight then I think it is over for him. Huckabee, I am starting to think is trying to pull a Clinton on us and I am getting soft on my support for him.

It looks like this is going to come down to residents of New England running this country. If the other Republican candidates continue to falter we are going to be left with Guilani (NY), Clinton (NY), Romney (MA), and Obama (IL). It will be a shame since once again America will be in the hands of a liberal.

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