Friday, November 30, 2007

Transportation Shutdown in Italy

It must be the fashionable thing these days in Europe to go on strike. Now the Italian transport system has decided to shut down for the day.

Italy hit by transport shutdown
Italian transport unions are striking for eight hours in protest at plans to cut government spending on transport.

Most train, air, sea ferry and bus services are affected by the strike and millions of Italians are expected to walk to work or take the day off.
Not to be left out of anything, the cab drivers in Rome have walked.
Rome is experiencing additional chaos because of a strike by taxi drivers.

The drivers are protesting against a decision by Rome's city council to issue some 500 new taxi licences.
I find the logic of the taxi drivers particularly interesting. In essence, they are refusing to work because demand for their services has grown to the point where 500 more will be licensed. Seems to me you would want to work all the harder in that case. Try refusing to work in your office next time the boss hires new staff and see what happens.

But I digress. Getting back to the transport shutdown.
The negotiations "did not produce a solution to public transport problems", transport union chief Claudio Claudiani said, in a statement quoted by Reuters news agency.
These socialists actually think that shutting down the transport system and damaging the local economy will somehow produce more government revenue for their system.

Amazing. Hey morons, your work action costs the government revenue, not increase it.

This shows what happens to your brain on socialism.

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