Friday, June 27, 2008

Alternative Energy Sources..Not So Fast

This is why why we are in the energy mess that we are in. Stories like this and the thousands of other ones that preceded this one.
Faced with a surge in the number of proposed solar power plants, the federal government has halted new solar projects on public land, pending environmental impact studies. They're expected to take about two years and could paralyze the solar industry.
You either want more energy sources, both conventional and alternative or you don't, but the constant stone walling and roadblocks thrown up by the government and those all so concerned about the environment wackos, will never allow it to become a reality. In this case it is the government bowing down to the enviro wackos. So while you are paying $5 a gallon for gas and your home heating cost go up, make sure to hug a tree hugger to show them how much you appreciate their efforts to help us with our energy problems

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