Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Obama Boldly Wades Into Zimbabwe Mess, Expresses 'Deep Concern'

A real political masterstroke here. Watch as Zimbabwe descends into such utter madness that even the UN finally condemns Robert Mugabe, then boldly step out on a limb and call for the U.S. to urge postponement of an election scheduled for Friday.

This is what we need. Clear, decisive leadership.

Welcome to the party, Senator Obama.

He even claims to have contacted Morgan Tsvangirai to express his deep concern.

Robert Mugabe obviously takes him seriously.
Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has vowed to press ahead with Friday's run-off presidential election despite growing international condemnation.

Speaking to supporters, he said London and Washington could "shout as loud as they like" but the vote would be held.
For what it's worth, John McCain hasn't exactly shown leadership said much himself about Zimbabwe, probably because he would have been told to stay out of their business.

The sad fact is, the entire world community has done pretty much nothing for years, and anything said now rings hollow.

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