Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Town Called Insincerity

I didn't catch any of the alleged Unity rally in--coincidentally--Unity, NH, with Mrs. Clinton and The Messiah, as, quite frankly, I've had more than enough of those two.

But a guy who gets paid to suffer through this choreographed nonsense weighs in with his thoughts, and somehow I doubt this was the account presented by the television babbleheads last night.
There's no "I" in "team," but there sure is in "unity."

And "I" was on full display yesterday as Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton tried their damnedest to patch things up after months of grueling warfare against one another.

Meeting in a place called Unity (renamed "Insincerity" here for accuracy's sake) under the banner of "change," the two former foes looked like Ken and Barbie, only stiffer and more awkward.

Obama tried honoring her by wearing a blue tie that matched her pantsuit. As they bounded up on stage, the two frolicked and touched like teenagers in love, stopping to share a whispered inside joke only they would get.

Sometimes the two looked into the audience, spotted a phantom friend in common, pointed together and dissolved into giggles.

But that's where the unity ended.

"I like the guy on the left," grumbled Larry Ross, an Obama supporter. "I can't stand the one in blue."

An Obama volunteer, standing nearby, apologized: "He's got to do what he's got to do."

And once Clinton started talking, there were groans from Ross and others in the crowd.

She opened by talking about how New Hampshire holds a "special place in my heart."

That's code for: "Remember, I won here!"

She talked about all her supporters who have vowed to support Republican John McCain.

She "strongly" urged them to "reconsider."
Media outlets can make up all the polls they want (I'm looking at you, Newsweek), but the truth is, large percentages of Clinton supporters will not be voting for Obama. The Obama people can think they're clever staging this event in New Hampshire, but the probable fact is John McCain will be winning that state.

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