Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Why Is So Much Attention Paid to These Little Tramps?

It's painfully obvious these little sluts from Gloucester, Massachusetts are desperately seeking attention and it's pathetic how willing the media is to help them gain it.

But when the cameras go off and they're left to fend for themselves, with or without their boyfriends, sperm donors, homeless guys,etc., to help raise the children, how much attention will they be getting?

Very little, in all likelihood. Will the Today Show, so eager to interview them, be there to help change diapers? Will they be available to help raise a child when the "mother" turns into a crackhead and abandons the baby? Will we be seeing a happy retrospective 18 years from now when these stupid children are becoming grandparents?

What the hell has happened in this country that we're so eager to glorify aberrant behavior?

There was a time when out-of-wedlock birth carried a stigma; that day is long gone. I have no problem with women who are able to nurture and care for their children raising kids on their own if that's their choice. But these kids are dooming the babies to a life of misery, poverty and abuse simply because they're seeking attention. And because our idiotic media is tripping over themselves to accommodate them, expect to see a lot more stories like this in the not-too-distant future.

Shamefully absent in most of the coverage are the parents of these girls. They must really be proud of themselves.

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