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How Jon Stewart Led Us to War

He shall not be criticized

Really, you can't make this stuff up. Proving conclusively how angry moonbats are incapable of understanding or appreciating humor, Huffington Post idiot Joseph Palermo goes on an insane rant against Daily Show host Jon Stewart, hardly a tool of the GOP, for having the audacity to make some jokes about Barack Obama. This really is beyond self-parody (H/T Hot Air).
Slamming the UN weapons inspectors as ineffectual twits dominated right-wing talk radio at the time and The Daily Show was in effect regurgitating the talking points of those who wanted to bring the country to war. Dissing the UN's efforts on Comedy Central inadvertently helped in make the case for war. It is kind of like when Dick Cheney pointed to the New York Times to buttress his warmongering saying: "Hey, even the liberals agree with us!" When Jon Stewart seeks "balance" for his targets of satire he can end up reinforcing the false impressions that the Bush Republicans want people to have.
Does this idiot realize how paranoid he sounds? He freely calls people warmongers, yet even the slightest hint of criticism of The Messiah is totally out of bounds.

Goodness, we have a mass psychosis at work here.
So too was the case last night when Jon Stewart ran a bit about Barack Obama's decision to eschew public financing. The Daily Show seized the issue as an opportunity to display "balance" and to poke fun at the Obama campaign. But not only did the bit fall flat it played right into the Republican line, which is full of half-truths and outright lies about Obama's decision. Just watch the right-wing radio shock jocks and the literati warmongers like David Brooks and William Kristol -- who are always looking for a cute "hook" to slime Obama -- cite The Daily Show as confirming, from a hip "liberal" source, their worst fears about Obama. They'll say: "See, we told you so, even the liberals are beginning to see what we've known all along, Obama is just the same old politics, etc."
Jon Stewart and The Daily Show should be mindful whenever Obama is the target of their satire that they don't end up regurgitating Republican talking points. The Daily Show is far more influential than it was four years ago when Bush still had millions of people duped. The producers should be careful when poking fun at Obama not to provide fuel for the right-wing slime machine. Poke fun at Obama all you want, but do it in a way that also reveals the Republicans' mendacity and hypocrisy.
Dude, stop hyperventilating.

Inevitably, you know where this is going, right? Why, on to Swiftboating!. These twits will just never get over their boy John Kerry being exposed for the fraud he is.
In 2004, we had the spectacle of the "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" (many of whom are now working for the John McCain campaign) making the rounds on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN, NPR, and PBS peddling their lies about John Kerry's Vietnam war record. Yes, even the venerable "serious" news hosts Jim Lehrer and Tim Russert gave the Swift Boaters airtime to libel Kerry. What the Swift Boaters and their media enablers did was worse than anything Joseph McCarthy or Richard Nixon ever cooked up. They pissed all over a man's war record. And even if you believe the Vietnam War was wrong (as I do), trashing a veteran's Purple Hearts is really beyond the pale. Kerry risked his life for his country in Vietnam; the U.S. Navy gave him medals for his efforts; end of story.
Of course having HuffPosters trash John McCain is perfectly fine. Projection, anyone?
I point to this shameful Swift Boat episode from our last presidential election to illustrate the level of toxicity in our media environment. In such a contaminated and sulfurous political context anyone who wishes to rid the nation of the dead hand of Republican misrule must be careful not to play into the narratives the Right is expert in constructing every four years. That cautionary note applies especially to television shows that can influence the political climate ever so slightly in this pivotal election year.

Yeah, that means you Jon Stewart.
Funny, but I don't recall the SBVT getting much airtime. Their detractors had plenty, that's for sure.

If John Kerry was libeled, as this chump claims, then why didn't he sue? Why didn't he produce his records?

Why? Because the SBVT were right, that's why.

The Huffington Post clowns are so unhinged, one can only imagine the conspiracies they'll come up with when Barack Obama loses in November.

They must really be worried if they're already going after people who are on their side.

I see why this guy is so nutty. He teaches at UC-Santa Cruz. That explains so much. Put down the bong, dude.

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