Wednesday, June 25, 2008

California Judge Throws Marine in Jail

He put him in jail because the Marine refused to testify about what went on in Iraq, something that is none of this judge's business nor any civilian court for that matter. I have written previously about this case and now Blackfive has the update.

After reading it take a few minutes to calm down, and then write e-mails, letters, make phone calls and get the awareness of this situation out into the public eye.
Write your Congress critter, regardless of what type of stripe they are, write the judge, call the president, but be polite, and anything else you can do to let people know that it is not alright to be freeing terrorists from Gitmo while at the same time some judicial activist judge can put Marines in jail because he obviously doesn't like their haircut or something.

It seems they are right when they say you give up some of your rights when you join the military. Not to the military, but the civilian world you leave behind.

God, I hate civilians!
And now the bad news, things moved slowly, the judge didn't enter the room until 2:30 and immediately called Sgt. Nelson and Mr. Low. [Mr Low is Sgt Nelson's attorney -ed] They once again pleaded their case, and the prosecutor had played a dirty trick. Mr. Low had asked for transcripts from Judge Anderson's courtroom [the previous judge in the hearing]. They were only sent this morning, when Mr Low was not around to review them. But that didn't matter to the judge. Despite some very good arguments by Atty Low (who asked the judge at one point, "what benefit is there to hearing Sgt. Nelson speak, over the transcripts and the tapes already available to the grand jury? The information is no different, why do they have to hear it live from him, when the questions aren't about Nazario, they are about his own conduct?"), the Judge had made up his mind.

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