Thursday, June 26, 2008

CA Continues to Promote Policies to Drive Non-Millionaires Away

CA, who for so long has fostered all kinds of left wing special interest causes to fester and grow within it's borders and in fact enables all the special interest groups to dictate so much of the rules and laws in CA, is once again looking to institute some regulations in their latest attempt to save the planet.
Nichols declined to speculate on what the program will cost for individual business sectors such as the utility industry, but said the initiatives overall should benefit the state's economy by about 1 percent starting in 2020.

"Since most of the measures in this plan are designed to make our state more energy-efficient, we believe we can predict with confidence that this is a plan that works to the benefit of the California economy," Nichols said.
Excuse me while I apply some liberal logic to argue with Ms Nichols. Since we won't see any benefit for more then 10 years why should we permit it. That is the argument they use to block drilling for oil, so what is good for the goose is good for the gander.
CA continues to pursue all these onerous rules on businesses, that quite a lot of businesses have finally had enough and leaving the state. The price of doing business is just too expensive, not only in terms of money, but also in terms of time spent trying to abide by all the rules and regulations in the state. Companies leave, corporate tax base goes with them, individuals can no longer afford to live in the state so they also move on. Some follow their company, others merely move to neighboring states. California's tax base continues to shrink, their social programs bills continue to increase, and all of those millionaire Hollywood continue to slap most average Americans in the face calling us all kinds of vile names and playing the guilt trip card to try and get us to bend to their will.
A sane person would look at the price of goods in CA, from gas to groceries, and instantly conclude that whatever they are doing we certainly don't want to repeat it. In the business world the phrase is called "best practices". You mimic what works and discard what doesn't.
Oh yeah the Reuters headline was priceless also. California unveils ambitious climate plan Unproven conclusions, based on junk science, guiding government policy is going to change the climate how? I think my headline more accurately describes the story. And notice they have dropped the phrase Global Warming in favor of the now in vogue climate change, previously known as the four seasons.

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