Monday, June 30, 2008

Obsession: NY Times Still Whining About 'Swiftboating'

They'll never get over it.

Yes, they even quote someone who wants to--get this--ban the word entirely.

Good luck with that.

To think, it's only been four years. They're still sniveling about Willie Horton 20 years later! Of course, it was Al Gore who brought Willie Horton to the public's attention, but they never mention that fact.

Anyway, this leftwing media obsession with Swiftboating is just pathetic. Now even the slightest criticism of a liberal is met with the pathetic cries of Swiftboating! Get over it, people, your boy John Kerry lost.
Sure, Watergate will never be just the office complex. And the name Willie Horton will always refer to more than just a criminal. But for Swift boat veterans, the name theft is more personal. When they talk about Swift boats, they recall friends and crewmates killed, countless moments of sheer terror in their young lives, the pain of coming home to a country that offered less than a hero’s welcome.

“It’s completely inappropriate,” said Michael Bernique, a highly regarded Swift boat driver who led missions up a canal that became known as Bernique’s Creek. “The word should connote service with honor, which is what was conducted. Anything that demeans that honor is shameful.”

In an April column in Proceedings magazine of the United States Naval Institute, Harlan Ullman, a Swift boat driver in Vietnam and a Pentagon consultant known as a creator of the “shock and awe” concept, wrote: “It is time to ban a word that is at once offensive, demeaning and obscene both to and for anyone serving in the naval profession. That word is ‘Swiftboating.’ ”

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