Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Creating a New Generation of Sniveling Moonbats: Parents Cut Cable, Spoiled Brats Protest Gas Prices

Nothing like exploiting children to make some lame point about gas prices.

Of course the parents are eager for the attention and the media is willing to comply.
When a daily dose of Hannah Montana became impossible, the Vance sisters knew it was time to take to the streets.

Sadie, 9, and her sister Pyper, 7, marched around downtown Salt Lake City chanting, "Lower the gas prices," while carrying homemade signs. The sisters decided to protest after losing their favorite cable TV shows when their mother, Michelle, had to sacrifice cable TV to pay for her daily commute.

"Gas prices are too high," Sadie said. "I just decided to come and protest so they'd go down."

The average price of regular unleaded gasoline in Utah was $4.07 on Monday, up 24 cents since one month ago, according to

The Vances were inspired after marching with their parents in several protests led by former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson. Their father, Randy Doyle, who accompanied them Monday, was "very proud" to see his daughters find a cause of their own.

"This is the way to get involved," Doyle said. "If you see something that you don't like, stand up and say something."

Though Doyle was supportive of his daughters' efforts, he gives them complete credit for the protest. The girls recycled old campaign signs and wrote their own messages. "All of my mom's monny[sic] goes to the gas tank!" proclaimed Pyper's.
Maybe instead of watching so much television and getting their daily dose of Hannah Montana these brats could spend more time learning how to spell basic words.

These parents should be ashamed of themselves. Children that age shouldn't be marching in protests to begin with. Let them enjoy their childhood and stop exploiting them to make score cheap political points. And if you're going to allow them to be exploited, at least help them with their spelling.

Update: Michelle Malkin has Whiners of the Day.

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