Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"What'll ya have, What'll ya have"

The Varsity is a local legend around Atlanta. It sits just across the street from the campus of Georgia Tech and is an institution around these parts. If you come to Atlanta for any reason you must make a stop at the Varsity and get a couple of chili dogs and an Orange Crush with fries. Granted your doctor will probably faint from the grease content, but there ain't none better.

I know we often recognize the Hollywood celebrity types or important statesmen, but every once in a while you got to give a shout out to the common man. Erby Walker is one of those men. Today I doubt there is anybody who can even conceive of working for the same company more then 10 years much less 53. Erby is one of those guys who helped to make the Varsity what it is. It holds a warm spot in the memory of many a Georgia native. It has to be experienced to understand.

So anyway, thanks for your time spent working at the Varsity and giving all of us those memories.


"What'll ya have, What'll ya have"

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