Saturday, June 28, 2008

‘Is This a Monty Python Sketch?’

Well, you've got to give them props for at least livening up an otherwise dreary political chat show. Besides, whatever happened to the notion of diversity?
THE BBC has been accused of “stomach- churning” television after inviting a transvestite dressed like Little Bo Peep on to highbrow politics show Question Time.

Viewers of the BBC1 debate programme flooded its switchboard and website with complaints.

As his alter ego Claire, prize-winning potter Grayson Perry, 48, sat alongside Minister Yvette Cooper and Tory shadow security spokesman Dame Pauline Neville-Jones on the panel of Thursday night’s edition.

But debate quickly turned to farce when the camera focused on Perry in a wig and a pale blue gown with a lace-trimmed collar.

“It was like a seated Rocky Horror show,” wrote one viewer. “Stomach-churning.”

Another wrote: “Does the BBC really see a place for such farcical behaviour when discussing issues integral to the nation’s moral fabric?” Other viewers were, at least, able to see the funny side.

One wrote: “Most would be hearing the words but thinking, ‘Is this a Monty Python sketch?’”

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