Sunday, June 29, 2008

Unity! Vehicles Vandalized With Anti-Obama Messages

Somehow I'm sure Republicans or bloggers will be fingered before long.
ORLANDO, Fla. -- Racial slurs targeting Barack Obama were discovered spray painted tonight on dozens of city vehicles in Orlando.

The vandalism happened in a City of Orlando parking lot on the corner of south and orange.

Phrases including “Obmama smokes crack” and others phrases with racial slurs were written in blue spray paint on the white city cars and trucks.

Other vehicles appeared to have had their gas tanks tampered with.

Along with the paint, hundreds of business cards were left on windshields.

The cards contain criticism of Obama on one side, and support for Hillary Clinton and her family on the other side.

The same cards were left on channel nine vehicles in Daytona Beach several weeks ago.

The vandalism happened the same night the Obama campaign kicked off its Florida organization with parties across the state.
Honestly, I wouldn't put it past some braindead Obamatons doing this themselves.

Since it's a city parking lot housing city vehicles, one would imagine there might be some videotape of the incident, and maybe in fact city employees were involved.

Expect plenty of mysterious "racial incidents" between now and the election.

A slideshow of the dreaded images of hate here. Seems John McCain was also a target.
Special business cards left near the damaged vehicles contained negative messages about Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain. However, there were positive words about Sen. Hillary Clinton, Local 6's Kimberly Houk reported.
Gateway Pundit is also suspicious.

Seriously, these illiterates write Oboma Smoks Crack?


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