Tuesday, June 24, 2008

BNP Maniac Convicted on Terror Charges

Question for those who still support the British People's Party and National Front: Is this what you represent?
A Nazi fanatic convicted of being a terrorist today was caught by chance while preparing to wage a race war against Jews and ethnic minorities.

Martyn Gilleard, 31, was a white supremacist who idolised Adolf Hitler and urged sympathisers to 'stop talking and act' or the 'purity of the white race will be lost forever'.

When police raided his flat they found a terrifying arsenal of weapons, including four nail bombs hidden under a bed used by his five-year-old son, bullets and an assortment of bladed weapons including swords, knives and a machete, Leeds Crown Court heard.

They also discovered DIY bomb manuals, a guide to how to make your own sub-machine gun and internet instructions on 'how to assassinate people and get away with it by using poison'.

A speech he had written by hand in a personal notebook mentioned 'killing Muslims, blowing up mosques and fighting back.'

Ironically police first went to his flat in Goole, East Yorkshire, to search for child porn and discovered 39,000 indecent images on his computers. It was during that search that the terrorist hoard was uncovered.

Gilleard, a member of the extremist British People's Party and National Front, will be sentenced tomorrow and faces a possible life jail term.

Outside court Detective Chief Superintendent John Parkinson, head of the Counter Terrorism Unit in Leeds, said Gilleard was an 'extremely dangerous' man who may have been planning terrorist outrages.

He said: 'Gilleard considers himself to be a British nationalist. He is in fact a terrorist, a man prepared to use violence to divide, or perhaps even attack, our communities.

'Not only has he openly expressed extreme far-Right views and a desire to act on them, he also had the capability to do so.
Sounds like such a charming fellow.

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