Thursday, June 26, 2008

Only The Obama Can Stop Global Fearmongering About Islam

Only He can do it

A simple visit to a mosque will wipe away Islamophobia. All these silly notions that Islam is a death cult will be magically wiped away once He enters the mosque doors, bringing the world together in harmony.

The cycle of fear will be gone, we'll never again have to worry about aberrant behavior such as suicidal maniacs flying planes into buildings. Attacks on Israel will stop, Iran will stop building nuclear weapons, heads will stop being chopped off in the name of Allah.

Only He can do it.
Fear-mongering about Islam is a global industry. Barack Obama has a unique power to break the cycle, not least by emboldening moderate Muslims to denounce terror.
Keep dreaming, pal.
Obama should visit a mosque. He has repeatedly shown his courage during this campaign; Americans have responded to his intellectual honesty. One of the important things about him is the knowledge his Kenyan and Indonesian experiences have given him of Islam as lived, rather than Islam as turned into monstrous specter.
Courage? Courage? Disassociating yourself from everyone is your past is courage? Has this guy even noticed how many people Obama has thrown under the bus?

Good grief.

Intellectual honesty? Flip-flopping on every issue is intellectual honesty?

Pass the bong, I need some of what this guy is smoking.
I’ve no doubt that Obama is a strong supporter of Israel. But what I find as important is that he would come to Islam without prejudice. That’s the precondition for dialogue, whether with Iran or between Israel and Palestine.
No doubt? Not even a little?

I have plenty of doubt myself. As do most people.

I wonder what this guy would have to say if tomorrow John McCain staged a photo-op at a mosque. Would that give him the unique ability to bring us all together for some dialogue?

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