Sunday, May 31, 2009

Charlie Rangel, Comedian

Nothing like a tragic shooting of an NYPD officer to bring out the punchlines from amateur comedian Charlie Rangel.
There's nothing like a tragic police shooting to bring a tasteless guffaw out of Rep. Charlie Rangel.

Speaking yesterday at a rally in honor of slain cop Omar Edwards -- gunned down by a fellow cop in a case of mistaken identity -- the embattled congressman outrageously quipped that President Obama, in town for a date with First Lady Michelle, should watch his back walking around the Big Apple because he is black.

"Make certain he doesn't run around East Harlem unidentified," the controversial lawmaker snarked.

"If [he] did not have the Secret Service . . . around him, [city cops] wouldn't know if he was president of the United States."

The remark brought raucous cheers and laughter from the crowd of around 100.

Police union officials were quick to blast Rangel's remarks.

"If Congressman Rangel said . . . 'and waving a gun' he might be correct," the union official said.
A regular laugh riot, this guy.

Meanwhile, the corrupt slob won't be yukking it up over this investigation.

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