Friday, May 22, 2009

Liberalism as Mental Disorder: 'White House Reporter Protecting Cheney'

If you need any more evidence liberalism is a mental illness, look no further. Considering George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were the most reviled administration (from the media point of view) in our history, the notion that someone in the White House press corps is "protecting" Dick Cheney is laughable, yet this twit makes such an assertion.
One of the odder things we’ve seen from some members of the White House press corps this year is a kind of zealous over-protectiveness of the previous administration — Dick Cheney, in particular.

Back in March, after Cheney accused Obama of putting the country in danger the first time, White House press sec Robert Gibbs defended Obama by describing Cheney as a member of a GOP “cabal.” The comment triggered outrage from the MSNBC gang and other reporters who said Gibbs hadn’t shown the former Veep proper deference.

Today during the briefing, another reporter (I’m not sure who) attacked Gibbs again for being mean to Cheney. The reporter said Gibbs had taken a “swipe” at Cheney. What was the swipe? Earlier in the briefing, Gibbs had responded to Cheney’s attack by puckishly saying he had a lot of time on his hands. That was the swipe.
Memo to moonbat: Dick Cheney's a big boy. He doesn't need anyone to "protect" him. Not that anyone is doing that.

To think MSNBC, of all places, is doing Cheney's dirty work just confirms how idiotic this man is.

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