Friday, May 29, 2009

Non-Crisis Continues: Norks Test New Missile

The Norks just unclenched their fist again.
North Korea has launched a short-range missile from its Musudan-ri rocket launch site on the country's east coast, a South Korean government official said Friday.

"What the North has launched this time appears to be different from what it had launched (previously)," the official said. "It is a new type of a land-to-air missile," the official said.
But don't worry, this isn't a crisis.
"I don't think that anybody in the administration thinks there is a crisis,"Gates said. "What we do have, though, are two new developments that are very provocative, that are aggressive, accompanied by very aggressive rhetoric."

Gates' comments, damping tensions, came after reports that U.S. and South Korean forces had been put on alert as North Korea said it was preparing for a U.S. attack.
It might be time for some more "sanctions" and strongly-worded letters.

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