Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kooky Columnist on Prop 8: Hey, Imaginary Kids Support Us, So We Won!

Trying to pretend everything's coming out swell, hate-filled San Francisco columnist Mark Morford deludes himself into thinking he's on the winning team.

His evidence? Some mythical kids conjured up in his imagination, of course.

Why, it's just a matter of time until Alabama and Mississippi ratify gay marriage as well. I guess he still refuses to believe the overwhelming majority of black voters do not support the radical gay agenda.
Head on down to your local high school -- hell, make it a junior high or even an elementary -- and take yourself an informal survey. Ask the various wary, bepimpled youth of Generation Tweet what they think about those scary gay people getting married.

Ask them, in your most panicky, alarmist, Mormonified voice: Aren't they horrified at the very idea? Aren't they shocked at the very thought of two people in love having their union officially recognized and validated by the state?

Don't they know the musty ol' Bible mutters some barely coherent, mistranslated silliness about it in a single word or two written 1,500 years ago in a long dead language by acidic church elders with powermad political agendas and violently repressed libidos who nevertheless wish to instruct us all how to live and love and screw?

Please note the response. Please observe how the kids merely look at you as though you're more than a little bit deranged and prehistoric, so out of touch you might as well be Dick Cheney talking up the diesel-powered rectal thermometers he so loved back in World War I.

Read the rest and pity this pathetic soul. Can't wait to see what he has to say when the next proposition ballot loses by an even greater number as voters rejects the even more strident, in-your-face radicalism of the militant gay left.

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