Friday, May 29, 2009

Your Stimulus Dollars at Work: 'To Me, It Sounds Like the Federal Government Is Rewarding Bad Behavior'

Sure seems as if ACORN is doling out the stimulus money in Massachusetts. Then again, since they're a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democrats, it really makes no difference.

If you had any doubt Obama's stimulus package was a boondoggle, you won't after reading this.
Criminal offenders, teen moms, dropouts, runaways and other wayward youths will score summer jobs with federal stimulus cash as most Bay State kids desperately scramble to land coveted seasonal gigs in a tight economy.

“To me, it sounds like the federal government is rewarding bad behavior,” said state Sen. Richard R. Tisei (R-Wakefield).

The state Department of Transitional Assistance will be using some of Massachusetts’ $1.3 million in Obama administration cash for jobs for clients’ children ages 14 to 24 who meet specific criteria, including:

* Lacking basic skills.
* Pregnant or parenting.
* School dropout.
* Homeless or runaway.
* Court-involved or an “offender.”
* An English as a Second Language learner or an immigrant.

“For the kids who really have their act together, I’d hate to see them being left out and summer jobs are not available to them,” said Senate minority leader Tisei.
Indeed, why reward the kids who play by the rules. Silly, misguided youth. Don't they realize they need to be useless slackers to be recognized by the Democrats? It's just amazing: A specific criteria is you lack basic skills.

As for kids who don't reside in the projects with Obama's Auntie Zeituni, forget about seeing any assistance.
“I don’t think the suburbs will see any of the money,” Tisei said. “The more you find out about the federal stimulus money, the more we find out what a boondoggle it is.”
Like Obama said, "You ain't seen nothing yet."

Howie Carr chimes in.
By the way, the money from the DTA summer job is “noncountable income for cash assistance.” In other words, you get to stay on the dole while you’re being paid to work.

According to the memo, the money for this program is coming from the stimulus funds, which we were told would be helping everybody, not just pregnant high-school dropout criminals.

So where is the empathy for the Dave and Ricky Nelsons of the 21st century? But then, the dirty little secret is out. When Sonya Sotomayor or Barack Obama talk about empathy, what they really mean is favoritism.
H/T loppyd.

Update: Jake Tapper exposes more stimulus fraud in Iowa.

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