Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nutroots Blogger: FBI Orchestrated NY Bomb Plot

Well, at least we know what Maureen Dowd's next column will be about.
If you haven't heard, four African-American Muslims were arrested this evening in New York City and charged with a plot to bomb a series of sites in city, including several synagogues. It appears that this is one of those cases where the group was under surveillance for a very long time and helped along in what turned out to be a bogus plot orchestrated by federal authorities.
Well, that didn't take long and we called this one last night.
It should take the ACLU about two minutes to claim they were set up and the left to portray them as innocent dupes.
Another crackpot here sees the same angle.
Interestingly, we see that the entire "plot" was hatched by an FBI informant
Funny, but the suspects sure as hell seemed like they wanted to reign terror upon New Yorkers, and Jews in particular.
One of the suspects, James Cromitie, a k a Abdul Rahman, bragged that blowing up the synagogues would be a "piece of cake," the feds said.

"I hate those motherf - - -ers, those f - - -ing Jewish bastards . . . I would like to get a synagogue," Cromitie told an informant, according to a criminal complaint.

The alleged terrorists' hatred also included the US military.
"During this surveillance, Cromitie pointed to people walking on the street in the vicinity of a Jewish community center and said that if he had a gun, he would shoot each one in the head," according to the court papers.

At one point, Cromitie allegedly lamented that "the best target [the World Trade Center] was hit already."
Yup, sounds like a set-up, no?

In other terrorism news, the Obama administration is just begging for more as they're going to try a Club Gitmo detainee here in New York.

Genius move.

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