Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saudis Behead and Crucify Child Molestor

For all the whining about the use of the death penalty in this country, we're pikers compared to the Saudis and their strict interpretation if Islam.
Saudi authorities beheaded and crucified a man convicted of brutally slaying an 11-year-old boy and his father, the Interior Ministry announced.

According to the statement issued by the ministry Friday, shop owner Ahmed al-Anzi molested the boy and then strangled him with a length of rope. He then stabbed the boy's father to death when the man came looking for his son.

He hid both the bodies in his shop, the statement said, adding that al-Anzi threatened police with a knife when they came to arrest him.

Al-Anzi had previously been convicted of sodomy and owning pornographic films, a crime in conservative Saudi Arabia.

Crucifying the headless body in a public place is a way to set an example, according to the kingdom's strict interpretation of Islam.

Normally those convicted of rape, murder and drug trafficking in Saudi Arabia are just beheaded.

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