Thursday, May 28, 2009

Peshawar Pakistan Exploding Today

I know a lot of folks like to poo poo Twitter, but when it comes to keeping in touch which things going on around the world that doesn't make out news it can't be beat.

I follow one of the Fox reporters David MacDougall and right now he is in Pakistan. So far today there have been 3 separate attacks carried out in the Peshawar district, and I received his updates via Twitter.

PAKISTAN: Death tolls vary in double Peshawar bomb attack. Local media says 2 dead, 60 wounded. My colleague is hearing 16 dead. Confusion.

PAKISTAN: 90 minutes after double bomb blasts in Peshawar market, local TV still showing a lot of chaos at scene, fires burning, smoke.

PAKISTAN: Ominous text. "God saved [name of cameraman] in the cross fire" Grateful my colleague is alive to bring video of Peshawar bombings

PAKISTAN: Local TV now reporting gunmen taken positions in a building, possible stand-off with police. Bring on those RPGs now boys!

PAKISTAN: New reports from Peshawar - another explosion? An attack on a checkpoint? No law & order

PAKISTAN: Latest attack is on a police post in Kohat Road in Peshawar. Explosion, gunfire reported from teams on the ground.

PAKISTAN: Local TV reports gunfire at main Peshawar hospital. My guy outside building says there WAS shooting, but all quiet now.
There is more. For those with Twitter accounts you can follow David here.

His last response to me was telling also.
@Just_A_Grunt I know, a series of attacks, right at the end of the work day on Thursday. Will any of it make TV news in the US? Let me know!

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