Sunday, May 24, 2009

Yawn. Another Mushy Moderate Goes After Rush

First it was Colin Powell this morning. Now it's Tom Ridge.

If anything, they're doing show prep for Rush Limbaugh's Tuesday program.
"Rush Limbaugh has an audience of 20 million people. A lot of people listen daily to him and live by every word. But words mean things and how you use words is very important," Ridge, the former Homeland Security Secretary under President Bush, said during an interview airing Sunday on CNN's State of The Union.

"It does get the base all fired up and he's got a strong following," Ridge continued. "But personally, if he would listen to me and I doubt if he would, the notion is express yourself but let's respect others opinions and let's not be divisive."
Yup, let's not be divisive, like Obama's pal Wanda Sykes.

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