Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Sound of Silence

Maybe someone in the Knicks front office can clandestinely send LeBron James a number 23 jersey now.

Just to see how it looks.
Head down and shoulders slumped, LeBron James headed off the court as the Orlando Magic streamers shot off above him.

Dwight Howard was hugging Hedo Turkoglu, dreams of Beating L.A. dancing in their heads. James wasn’t bothering to stick around to shake hands, offer congratulations or pretend there was a bright side to the Magic ousting his Cleveland Cavaliers from the East finals with a 103-90 victory in Game 6.

James was off the floor before the confetti could hit his shoulders.

He later dressed in silence in a corner of the locker room then put on some gold, oversized headphones and headed for the door. Normally one of the last to leave, he was now one of the first. With anger and frustration evident in each step, he charged through the back halls of Amway Arena without greeting anyone, got on the team bus and soon was off to the airport.

There was no looking for his mother, Gloria. There was no talking with Nike executives. And forget addressing fans and media – Mo Williams was left to answer for the defeat.

LeBron was gone. The King was silent.

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