Saturday, May 23, 2009

'I'm Gonna Punch Your Lights Out'

I had no idea Keith Olbermann was in the Hamptons.
Rudy and Judi Giuliani were accosted today in the Hamptons by an angry man who threatened to "punch out" the former mayor, witnesses told The Post.

Patrons sitting outside The Golden Pear bakery in downtown Bridgehampton around 2 p.m. said a "slim, well-dressed man in his fifties" came charging out of nowhere and began screaming at the happy couple as they left a nearby art fair.

"I'm gonna punch your lights out,"
the wacko repeatedly yelled at Giuliani, witnesses said. Rudy and Judi appeared startled and then agitated by the man's aggressive behavior.

At one point the man started jabbing the former mayor in the chest, said Mark Borghi, owner of an art gallery on Bridgehampton's Main Street.

"Alright, do it then!" Borghi heard the Brooklyn native Giuliani yell to his tormentor.

The whole altercation was over in a matter of seconds when the couple managed to give the ranting man, who kept screaming at them from the sidewalk, the slip.

Judi was heard on her cell phone ordering their driver to come pick them up and call the police.

"I want him in jail," she said several times, according to witnesses.

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