Sunday, May 31, 2009

Virginity Buyer Pulls Out

Probably the fact he's married has something to do with it. Or he was short on cash. Or maybe he got a good look at her. Whatever. But good news guys, she's back on the market.
She won't be taking her golden chastity belt off anytime soon.

The 22-year-old California virgin who auctioned off her virtue online for $3.8 million has yet to meet her winning bidder in the flesh -- because his wife won't let him.

Natalie Dylan (not her real name) admitted the deal had fallen through.

Last week, she got a phone call from the rogue Romeo, a 38-year-old Australian real-estate businessman, who said he had to back out.

"I told him to go back into marriage therapy," sniped Dylan.

The Aussie cad then sheepishly asked for his $250,000 deposit back. Dylan said no hard feelings; it would be returned.

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