Friday, May 29, 2009

Sergio Garcia Voted Prom Queen: 'It Was a Really Emotional Moment'

Following his crowning achievement, he went out and three-putted the 18th hole to cough up another major.

Oh, it's a different Sergio Garcia.
When an openly gay high school senior was voted prom queen at his Los Angeles high school last weekend, the school's students and officials not only accepted it, they basked with pride in being one of the most diverse and tolerant schools in the nation.

"Tears were almost falling down my face," said Sergio Garcia, 18, of the moment he was named prom queen at Fairfax Senior High School in Hollywood Saturday night, where he beat out eight girls for the crown.

"It was a really emotional moment," Garcia told

When asked what he thinks his award says about his school, Garcia did not hesitate to attribute his new title to the tolerance his school has for what might seem out of place to others.
It's all about the tolerance, baby!

Unless, of course, you find this nonsense kind of weird.

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