Wednesday, May 27, 2009

'I Think She Is Scared'

Sorry, sweetie, you're not all that. What you don't seem to understand is she wants nothing to do with you.

Really, who can blame her? She's going to appear on television with you so you can insult her some more?

Snap out of it.
Carrie Prejean has made it very clear that she has no intention of taking up Perez Hilton’s offer to "go for coffee and chat," but the Queen of Media thinks she is afraid of him.

"I think she is scared," Hilton told Tarts at a party last week. "I know so because she has refused to be on TV programs with me."

And even though Miss Universe owner Donald Trump said he would be more than happy to have the controversial blogger back at a judge at Miss USA, Hilton thinks Trump messed up by allowing Prejean to keep her crown despite her nude pic scandal and unauthorized press visits.
Expect Trump to pull the plug on this self-aggrandizing media whore before long.

This slob Hilton will be a historical footnote, at best, while the lovely Miss Prejean moves on to fame and fortune. The bitterness will eat him alive.

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