Friday, January 29, 2010

500 Jobs and No Stimulus Funds Used

While Obama administration officials struggle with coming up for a number to define how many jobs their full government employment act has created or saved, the Department of the Navy has actually done just that, without any of the phony baloney stimulus money. I am sure Obama lackey's will try to take credit for these jobs using some sort of Orwellian logic, the truth is no stimulus funds were used.
The shipyard plans to add about 500 workers before the end of the summer, Rella said. The first of the 103-meter vessels is taking shape in Austal's new, assembly-line style Module Manufacturing Facility that was unveiled in the fall.

In so doing these new employees will become part of the tax base helping the Mobile, AL area not only by their consumer spending but by once again paying taxes.

You see, what liberals fail to grasp, is to get your economy going you need to have workers that produce a product. A product that can then be sold. Teachers, for all of their hard work in indoctrinating the youth of this country do not return such an investment. Government agencies hiring more people to screw up the already bloated bureaucracy does not add to the economic recovery. Those are the type of jobs that the stimulus money has mainly gone to.

My message to Washington is quite simple. Stop trying to help. You are just getting in the way and delaying our recovery. Their approach is like throwing a rope to a man sinking in quicksand without attaching it to anything and walking away. It only allows the victim to drown in the muck while holding onto a rope.

Sure people will rail that this is just another example of the military industrial complex and thus the bane of society, but I would point those progressive whiners to their favorite hero FDR, who finally enabled this country to pull out of the depression after being forced to ramp up just such a thing in response to WWII. It may sound cynical and callous, but without WWII, this country may not have recovered economically for another decade because of the policies of FDR.

If the government is going to spend my tax dollars, I am glad to see it going to the one thing that our government is specifically tasked with providing, and that is our national security.

Besides, that is one bad ass boat.

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