Friday, January 22, 2010

Liberals Poised To Gain Most From Supreme Court Ruling On Campaign Finance

By now most folks are aware of the ruling passed down by the Supreme Court yesterday which struck down portions of the horribly crafted McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Bill as it relates to political campaigns receiving donations from corporate entities.

As expected, The Democrats are continuing to flog that horse known as bashing big business. They want you to believe that anything even remotely related to private business in this country are nothing more then the handmaidens of the evil Republicans.

In one way this makes sense for the Dems, since they put all their trust in government, and can't get enough of it. On the other hand, they get all bent out of shape when their precious government lets them down.

Well before the Dems spend too much more time and precious air time railing against this decision they just might want to check who gets the most from corporate America to fill their campaign coffers.

Of the Top 50 groups contributing to political parties one, AND ONLY ONE, contributes more to the Republicans than they do the Democrats, and even for them (Gas/Oil) their number one recipient is a Democrat.

So Chuck Schumer, Alan Grayson, and the rest of wealth envy crowd might want to think twice about hollering fire in a theater.

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