Friday, January 22, 2010

Climate Change Community Hard Hit By Election of Scott Brown

In the climate change religious community it seems there is some gnashing of the teeth over the election of Scott Brown. While it can be argued that it may, and that is a big may, stop the Democrats in their headlong plunge off a cliff on the healthcare issue, some in Europe are also concerned that it may spell the end of any significant legislation as it relates to any sort of climate change policy.
Meanwhile, the prospective US climate legislation encounters new hurdles, the latest being the election of Republican Scott Brown to succeed Democrat Edward Kennedy as Massachusetts Senator.

That pushes the Democrats below the majority they need to prevent long discussions on the healthcare bill that, it's generally assumed, must go through before the climate wrangles begin in earnest.

It also could be interpreted as indicating that Mr Obama's raft of policies is proving less palatable to the electorate - and with campaigning for mid-term elections due to begin in just half a year's time, one possible consequence would be to push Democrats and Republicans alike away from the camp supporting climate legislation.

What the writer of this piece chooses to ignore is the raft of information coming out in the recent months showing that so much of the data used to perpetuate the whole global warming/climate change hoax was fabricated, in much the same manner that Bernie Maddoff and Enron cooked their books.
The travails of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), too, may be affecting politicians' views - it's impossible to make a broad judgement on that, despite the protestations of many players in Copenhagen that the basics of the IPCC's scientific argument remained sound.

Professional scammers work on the premise that those who get taken by their scams will be too embarrassed to report the crime to authorities, thereby allowing them to continue their shady ways and move on to the next victim. The world needs to come to the realization that they have been duped, go ahead and admit it and then get on with their lives.

I don't get the mindset of people who think that merely by putting on paper some sort of lofty goal like limiting the temperature increase to 2°C, really has any effect. You might want to check with the sun on that.

I don't want our European friends to get too discouraged however. There is still hope in the form of Barry O's Energy and Environmental team led by Energy Secretary Steven Chu, last seen sitting in a tree in Berkeley and EPA head Lisa 'CO² Will Keel You' Jackson and the Environmental Czar Carol Browner, they can circumvent the normal legislative process here in America and simply issue royal edicts.

I wonder how many scholars are going back over the writings of Nostradamus and re-examing the glyphs on the Mayan calendar to discover references to the election of Scott Brown and how this foretells the end of the world.

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