Friday, January 29, 2010

'It's the Stupidity That Brings People Down'

One of life's great mysteries has finally been resolved. Eliot Spitzer didn't wear black socks while he was shtupping his hookers.
Hooker-happy former Gov. Eliot Spitzer put to rest one lingering question from the scandal that ended his governorship: he did not wear socks while doing it.

In an extended interview on, Spitzer laughed and said "no" when asked about reports he wore black socks while patronizing his prostitutes.

Nearly two years removed from office, Spitzer was much more sober when discussing the impact the scandal had on himself and his family.

He said "recognizing the pain I've caused to my a heavy burden to carry, as it should be."

"The sense that I have let down not only my family but friends, colleagues, the voters who had asked me to do a certain type of job.

"I desperately wanted to do that job, to do it well. I think we were trying...But I let them down and that is a very heavy burden to carry."
Meanwhile, the love guv also has some advice for Tiger Woods. How sporting of him.
What I've tried to do is look within," he said. "That is where one must ultimately find one's sense of self and purpose. That's all one can do."

As for the lessons other public officials can learn from his meteoric rise and fall, Spitzer said: "when you know something is stupid, don't do it."

He described it as a combination of "entitlement", "hubris" and "adrenaline" that causes some people to self-implode.

"It's the stupidity that brings people down," he said.

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